Summer Job Experience

The true development of human beings involves much more than mere economic growth. At its heart there must be a sense of empowerment and inner fulfillment. This alone will ensure that human and cultural values remain paramount. When this is achieved, culture and development will naturally coalesce to create an environment in which all are valued, and every kind of human potential can be realized. Aung San Suu Kyi 1995

Grills In and Out- GIO is a fast casual restaurant founded by Mrs. Olufunke Awobokun. Her passion for distinction and the introduction of new quality tends led to the establishment of Abuja’s very first Mongolian grill restaurant ‘Grills In and Out’ - GIO in 2012 where she created an exciting and eclectic menu for discerning customer palates. Offering a mix of Asian and Nigerian grilled food in a fresh, healthy, low fat cooking process all in a relaxing, family oriented ambience where space and activities for children is an integral part of the design.

Since inception, the Company has been an active participant in local Corporate and Social Responsibilities (CSR) initiatives; supporting, funding and publicizing efforts to eradicate poverty, disease, gender equality and promote child rights. In the vanguard of building a new generation of young budding entrepreneurs and nation builders, the Company’s Management has designed a formidable life-changing program, the GIO Juniors Summer Job Experience, set to institute a pipeline for growth and development for children and further project them to initiate and sustain visible attributes that can make perpetual positive inputs in the Nigerian society at large and in their lives.

The GIO Juniors Summer Job Experience as an initiative has been developed to be in the front line of instituting a course of reflection, focus, and action for a renewed and brighter tomorrow; via the enculturation of positive values in lives of children. This plausible initiative in summation is a 3-week program, in which a set of children (the GIO Juniors) will work in Grills In and Out as interns. Fifteen children have been selected to participate in the first edition of this laudable Program, which is currently ongoing. In the first phase of this laudable initiative the children (GIO Juniors) will work for a period of four hours on each working day (Mondays to Fridays) in designated shifts, either in the morning shift (9.00am-1.00pm) or the afternoon shift (1.00pm-5.00pm). In the course of the program, the GIO Juniors will be will be inspired and motivated to enhance their self esteem, personal confidence, sense of achievement and pride in their assigned completed tasks; working productively in a practical working environment, provided by the restaurant. The core goal of this program is to inculcate into the GIO Juniors valuable virtues of diligence in service, value of hard work, appreciation of the dignity of labour, respect for money and the joy of earning income. The interns will equally develop viable soft skills anchored on time management, customer service, interpersonal relationship and communication as they interact with customers and staff at the restaurant, in addition to other valuable workplace ethics they will learn in a well structured corporate environment. In the long term, this Program will inadvertently position the children to gain competitive advantage in the ever evolving 21st century in all their chosen fields of endeavour.

The first edition, currently ongoing commenced on Monday July 27, 2015 and will end on Friday August 14, 2015.

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